Friday, March 14, 2008

Some Sayings of Quaid-i-Azam (Mohammad Ali Jinnah)

“You have performed wonders in the past. You are still capable of repeating the history. You are not lacking in the great qualities and virtues in comparison with the other Nations. Only you have to be fully conscious of that fact and to act with Courage, Faith, and Unity.
“In the great task of building the nation and maintaining its solidarity, women have a most valuable part to play, as the prime architects of the character of the youth that constitutes its back bone.”
“Advice to students: “your main occupation should be – in fairness to yourself, in fairness to your Parents, in fairness to the State – to devote your attention to your studies.”
“Civil servants should maintain highest standard of Honour, Integrity, Justice and Fairplay wipe out that past reputation that you are rulers. You do not belong to the ruling class. You belong to the servants.”
“Knowledge is a Greater force that sword. Go and acquire it." “You are civil servants. The impression that you are rulers must go. You must do your best with all courtesy and kindness and should try to understand the people.”
“Pakistan is proud of her youth, particularly the students, who are nation-builders of tomorrow. They must fully equip themselves by discipline, education, and training for the arduous task lying ahead of them.”
“We are a nation with our distinctive culture and civilization, language and literature, art and architecture, names and nomenclature, sense of values and proportion, legal laws and moral codes, customs and calendar, history and traditions, and aptitudes and ambitions.”
“Three main pillars which make a nation powerful are: Education, Economic Strength, and Defence.”
“It is the great book Quran that is the sheet archor of Muslim India. I am sure that, as we go on and on, there will be more and more of oneness – One God, One Book, One Qibla, One Prophet, One Nation.”
“In Pakistan lies our Deliverance, our Defence, our Destiny.”
“We must work our destiny in our own way and present to the world an economic system based on true islamic concept of equality of manhood and social Justice.”
“The Prophet of Islam (PBUH) was a Great Teacher, a Great Reformer, a Great Law-Giver, a Great Statesman, and a Great Ruler.”
“We must put down bribery and corruption with an iron hand.”
“We have got the greatest message in the Quran for our guidance and enlightenment.”


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